Yellowstone Season 4 Big Moments: Jamie Kills My Dad, John Runs For Government

By | November 11, 2022

Few shows pack more salty plots into an hour-long episode than Paramount’s hit “Yellowstone” — and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Unlike many TV shows that deliver drama in sparing micro-doses, Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s modern Western saga piles on the narrative developments on generous slabs as thick as the ribeye steak John Dutton (Kevin Costner) regularly eats for dinner.

The only problem with this kind of epic tale is that it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of all the many crimes, marriages, murders, crimes, schemes and cover-ups from one season to the next. And since it’s been more than 11 months since the Wild Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone,” a quick refresher might be in order before you tune into the Nov. 13 season 5 premiere.

To help get you up to speed, here are nine location points to remember.

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