William Shatner on ‘Star Trek’ Co-Stars: They Hate Me for ‘Candidness’

By | November 17, 2022

William Shatner took a dig at his “Star Trek” co-stars in a recent interview with The Times UK while promoting his book, “Go Boldly, Reflections on a Life of Horror and Wonder.” Several “Star Trek” cast members have criticized Shatner over the years, with the late Uhura actor Nichelle Nichols once telling Shatner that the cast found her “cold and arrogant.” Shatner wrote in the book that he was “shocked to find out, and embarrassed.”

George Take, who starred alongside Shatner’s Captain Kirk as Sulu, has criticized Shatner for decades, most recently by publicly mocking Shatner’s space flight in Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origins last year. “He’s boldly going where other people have gone,” Take said on page 6. “He’s a guinea pig… a 90-year-old isn’t the best specimen, so he’ll be an unfit specimen!”

“I’m starting to understand that this is what they’re doing for publicity,” Shatner told The Times UK of his co-stars beating him up. “After 60 years, after some events, they are on that road. Don’t you think this is a little strange? It’s like a disease. George never stopped blackmailing my name. These people are bitter and frustrated. I have no patience with them. Why do we trust people corrupted by envy and hatred?

While Shatner is no longer close to Takei, he says the “Star Trek” television series will endure because of the healthy friendships and stories at its center.

“Here’s a group of people you love going on an adventure that goes back to what happens on Earth, even if it’s unusual,” Shatner said. “The stories of the future that we have told are really human stories and twists. People love the stories, they love the characters.

Shatner says he doesn’t watch episodes of “Star Trek” regularly, but he likes to attend fan events for the show. He added: “I enjoy being on stage at conventions. I found a way to make this watch a form of information transmission to each other. The fans are fun, that’s one of the reasons I go.”

“Go Boldly, Reflections on a Fun and Wonderful Life” is now available for purchase.

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