Video review: Four days with the iPhone 14 Pro Max

By | September 21, 2022
Video review: Four days with the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple on Friday released the new iPhone 14 models and MacRumors videographer Dan picked one up on launch day. He has used iPhone 14 Pro Max non-stop since it came out, and on MacRumors YouTube channel, has shared its first thoughts on the daily experience with the latest iPhone.

Dan’s mini-review highlights his issues installing the eSIM, the usefulness of the always-on display, the functionality of the Dynamic Island, how the new 48-megapixel camera fares, and more. Be sure to watch the video and keep your eyes open MacRumors the website and MacRumors Youtube channel because we have more in-depth ‌iPhone 14‌ video content coming, plus Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods 2 coverage.

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