‘The White Lotus’: Theo James admits the genital shot was fake

By | December 7, 2022

The second season of HBO’s “The White Lotus” is well underway, with lush images of Sicily and, to the dismay of some viewers, more sightings of actor Theo James.

In the first episode of the second season, James’ character Cameron Babcock is seen grabbing a swimsuit from Harper Spoilers’ (Aubrey Plaza) hotel room. Cameron can be seen in the background as he takes off his pants and changes while looking for sunscreen. As Harper and the audience change Cameron and the scene leaves nothing to the imagination. Inquisitive minds want to know if James, who is best known for going all-out on HBO’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” is doing a fake body, or by some chance, the real thing.

James confirmed that the member in question was a prosthetic during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that aired Friday. The use of prosthetics is a common practice in TV and film. In fact, “The White Lotus” made prosthetics for Steve Zahn’s character in the first season.

“So you go into these scenes and you talk to the director and the producers, and they go, ‘OK, for this, we’re going to use prosthetics. . . and you say, ‘OK, that looks good,'” James shared.

The actor recalled a conversation he had with make-up head Rebecca Hickey. James said he told Hickey, “I just wanted it to be a distraction. It should be a ‘regular joe’. Because the scene, you know, is not about Piapi, it’s about power play and sex. It’s about whether he did it on purpose or by accident and what it means. She says I found you. Yes, I got you. Regular Joe.

When James looked at the prosthesis, it was as normal as Hickey, he joked about the size. “I mean, it’s more than that. It’s like she stole it from a donkey in the field! he joked. “The thing is huge.”

Watch the clip below.

The show still makes a good impression on the audience. “I love respectable television!” said one fan. He wrote a joke.

Another wrote, “I have the same question because the show used prosthetics in season 1. Theo lol #whitelotus let the crowd know.”

Another shared a graphic chart, also questioning the real and prostate genitalia.

In an interview with ET, James revealed that he has pulled back the nudity, saying, “It’s fun. [because] First of all… we don’t know if it was intentional or not. [if] It’s a coincidence. But it turns out… the first version he shot was too much. So, we made a more subtle version. James may be referring to shooting from behind rather than from the full front.

In the season premiere, Meghann Fahy, who plays sunny housewife Daphne, teased, “I think Season 2 is going to be the sexiest. It’s really action-packed, really – I think people are going to be surprised.

“The White Lotus” premieres its second season finale on Sunday night.

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