The Shining Season 4 Explained: Zeke Dies, Love Triangle, Angelina’s Fate

By | November 8, 2022

Broken alert: This article explains all the plot points in the first 10 episodes of “Revelation” season 4.

The first 10 episodes of the fourth season of “Manifest” have now dropped on Netflix, after the show was saved by the streamer after NBC canceled it in May 2021.

And naturally, the show’s mysteries keep piling up. After finding the survivors of Flight 828 Difference He spoke with “Manifest” creator Jeff Ruck, who broke it all down — and previewed the show’s upcoming final 10 episodes.

The final shot in this episode is pretty creepy. How do you describe what is happening when Angelina’s hand is mixed with the sapphire?

Angelina [Holly Taylor] He’s desperately trying to accumulate power, and that’s in collaboration with Cal. [Ty Doran] Or somehow approaching the archangel, whatever she had in mind – Adrian’s angel of the apocalypse. [Jared Grimes] He speaks. Desperate to find this sapphire for herself, she does the unthinkable: she sticks her arm into that crack in boiling lava and excruciating pain, and pulls out this piece of sapphire. We see it effectively sold on her hand, and now she and Sapphire are one and the same. If there is any dark force or dark force in this television show universe, you can understand it by mentioning that now she is more powerful than ever. And as much as one needs Sapphire to save the passengers, he needs Angelina to save the passengers – or so it seems.

As it is now, the passengers are going to think that Angelina is gone, right? Ben [Josh Dallas] She saw that she was knocking on that dirty glass. He thinks she is dead. And between us, the audience, and Angelina, it’s a mystery that she’s even alive. And when we see her walk into the darkness in the final scene, followed by these crackling cracks into the night, that’s just between her and the television audience. So when our heroes find out she’s out there, and when they do, it’s quite a surprise when it turns out to be a more terrifying dark force than they could have imagined. So that will be a wake-up call for Ben and Mick. [Melissa Roxburgh] and Cal et al.

From your point of view, is Zeke (Matt Long) really dead?

Zech it is. Dead. But there is a strong love between him and Michaela – and who knows what that means in a “reveal” like this? We see characters find a way to communicate with each other despite death. So let’s see what Michaela can achieve because their bond is strong.

Since Cal is the Dragon and the Holy Grail, how do you think his role will change in the next episodes?

In one of the last scenes in episode 410, there was Zeke heading to the attic like an olive. [Luna Blaise] It was theorized about Cal’s special ability to save humanity. She definitely has a lot of legends to back it up. Her claims ring true to Zeke, and when Zeke makes that terrible decision to sacrifice himself, you know it’s not random. He did it because he believed it was Cal. Only A man who can save all mankind. So there’s definitely something to look forward to in the final ten episodes that Cal will be on the show.

Coming back 10 episodes, those will be expected, and that’s a lot of responsibility to sit on Cal’s shoulders. Psychologically, he will be very confused. It’s a guilt trip, knowing that Zeke gave his life so Cal could live. So when Calen walked out the door midway through the season, saddled with that responsibility, he was desperately trying to figure out, “What does that mean? How should I do it?” And if he doesn’t succeed at first, that will be really disappointing. Because this isn’t the first time he’s felt survivor’s guilt, and experiencing it again might be too much to bear.

How did you know Mick ended up with Jared (JR Ramirez) over Zeke?

This twisting and turning of that triangle is part of our history and has been there since the beginning. Let’s remember Jared, who had a very bad relationship with Zeke in Season 1 – we remember they pissed each other off in the Season 1 finale, the gun was part of that – he’s a great guy here. Season 4, Episode 1. He was a great friend to Mick and Zeke and stood by and celebrated that marriage.

Back for the final 10 episodes, it’s not nearly as close to the two years we saw pass between seasons 3 and 4, but another time. And he asked, “How many months should one wait before the mourning period ends and continues?” It begs the question. Another chapter may be in store for Michael and Jared. So let’s take a shot and see if there is another possibility of romance between those two.

Going into this season, was it a little nerve wracking knowing you wouldn’t have Grace (Athena Karkanis) as a central character?

Well, once we made the decision to kill off that beloved character, the next thought in my head was, “How do we somehow bring her back?” It was. I think the actress is great – she’s so beautiful, and she’s become such a fan favorite, which was really exciting for me. Because a lot of people forget that she was less than a fan favorite in season 1, which really saddens me. I never intended for her to be a fan-rejected character, and I’m glad we were able to change that. It was very important to me and the rest of the writers to find a way to bring her back.

Now, of course, we brought her back in such a twisted way that I feel like I have to apologize, because there’s a big plot twist and I hope it’s not a bad ride for the fans in the end. I met her long before she agreed to come from Canada to shoot scenes with us. But Athena was a very good sport about it, and now we had a good time. She and Holly Taylor are such lovely people, and it was so much fun to bring them together in a story about such a pretentious darkness. I feel bad for the fans: this could be a real shock to the system.

There are so many twists and turns this season. Once it’s down on paper, it’s like, “Damn, I can’t believe we’re going there!” Was there a scene you thought about?

Of course there are a few. One of my favorite scenes of the season was the episode where Ben was finally able to save Eden. [Penelope Rose Lang]. At the beginning of that episode, Ben is arrested. He’s down there in the basement, and Eden, whether she’s summoned there or not, goes down. You don’t know who Ben is – or do you?

She goes to that basement, and there’s Ben. He is imprisoned. He has a gag in his mouth. He can’t even talk to her and is trying to meet her with his eyes. He is very eager to communicate. It hurts so much not to be able to talk to her, scream, reach her, touch her. She was standing only feet away from him, and he couldn’t communicate. And Angelina accidentally walks in and picks Eden up and starts talking about Ben being a “bad guy.” It’s so sweet how brutal that moment is.

What kind of freedom do you feel on Netflix that you haven’t felt on network TV?

It was very encouraging to know that we have so much creativity in and of itself. And yes, we used some simple language in these episodes and we didn’t have a fully set runtime to follow. It was just good to know, because you spend a lot of time in broadcast, especially in post, getting that runtime right, because it’s worth it in the 30 seconds. He was too free to think about it. All that said, we tried to put on the same show as we’ve always done.

Netflix initially told us, “Please don’t feel obligated to do anything special on our behalf. We encourage you to show off what you’ve been doing. We’ve already got the data: Netflix audiences have already watched 42 episodes of the show we’ve aired, and they’ve had such a positive response. You’re already used to the running time we write for ad breaks. We write these eight-minute episodes, then we cut to black. There’s going to be a little cliffhanger in both acting breaks, and we’re going to keep doing that because that tune is something that our actors and our audience are used to. As we get to the series finale, the longer that episode is released. We had a lot of story to tell in that last episode. But other than that, the show is still the show.

How far along are you in production over the last 10 episodes?

All are in compensation. We’re so far into editing them, even in that series finale. Visual effects take a very long time, so it will be two months. I don’t know when that second block will be released so I’m looking forward to finding out for myself.

You’ve already written and shot the finale, but do you believe the finale will answer all of the fan questions? Or will some things remain a mystery?

It was important to me from the get-go that we make a sincere effort to talk to all of the hung Chads. I’m well aware of the criticism that other shows that have come before me have been used to close Easter eggs planted in early seasons. There were a number of shows that came after “Lost,” and some of them were just accused of planting Easter eggs, but they ended up going in different directions. When I set out to do this scene, I said to myself, “This is not going to happen to us.” If we don’t do it, we won’t do it. But this is not the reason.

We’ve taken great care in our writers room to closely monitor every clue we put out into the world. Be it a character, a Bible verse or other source, a work of art. When we got the good news that we had 20 more episodes, one of the things we did in the writers’ room was sit down and have a very large Bible, where we kept every character or every story. A piece of legend. We went through and said, “Okay, how do we handle this? How do we solve this? ”

We tried our damnedest to include every last point in these 20 episodes, and I think we succeeded. Social media will let me know after 20 episodes if we succeed, and I hope we do. I’m curious to know.

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