The return of the Sci-Fi series ‘The Visitors’ was revealed by WDR

By | October 25, 2022

German broadcasting group WDR is traveling back in time with the newly restored 1983 cult sci-fi series “The Visitors.”

Czechoslovakia is set in the year 2484, a utopian future where humanity is united under a common government, all decisions are advised by a computer called a “central thinker”, and hunger, disease and war have been eliminated. Earth is suddenly threatened by a potential collision with a comet, but leading scientist Philip and three colleagues travel to 1984 in a modern-day Lada Niva, which allows interplanetary exchange, to save Earth. .

The team created by Otta Hoffmann and Jindszcz Polak was known for the 1970s Czechoslovak children’s drama series “Pan Tau”, “The Visitors” domestically as “Navshtvenichi”, “Die Besucher” in West Germany and “Expedition Adam 84” in East Germany. .

The series boasts costumes and props designed by Teodor Pisztek, who won an Oscar for his costume design work on MiloŇ° Forman’s “Amadeus” in 1985.

“The Visitors” is co-produced by Ceskoslovenska Televize, West Germany’s WDR and BR, Swiss Broadcasting SRG and France’s Revcom Television.

WDR’s home entertainment division released the series under the German title “Die Besucher” as a DVD and Blu-ray Collector’s Edition on November 4, 2010. 30 minute bonus film and trailer for Czechoslovakian Children’s Classics.

The streaming company distributes content from WDR and other ARD group affiliate broadcasters, including current new productions and archive titles spanning nearly 70 years.

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