The Masked Singer season 8 episode 4 revealed two more celebrities

By | October 21, 2022

SPOILER ALERTIf you haven’t seen “The Masked Singer,” Season 8 Episode 4, “TV Theme Night,” which aired Oct. 19 on Fox, don’t read ahead.

After rain delays forced baseball games into prime time last week, the final episode of “The Masked Singer” finally aired a week later on Fox — and viewers were sad to see Mario Cantone leave shortly after one episode. show Still, he takes solace in the fact that he has good company: singing icon Gloria Gaynor also appeared in his latest double-masked take on “The Masked Singer.” Wednesday night’s episode of the show celebrates “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night.”

It was revealed that Canton was under a corn costume, but Mermaid Gaynor was. Of the three shows this week, Canton came out on top, with the least number of votes.

Later, Gaynor appears as a mermaid after facing off against Robo Girl in a battle royale competition (the two take turns singing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from “Evita”). Robo Girl wins, and moves on to next week’s episode.

“I thought I sang the hell out of that song. But also, you know, Gloria Gaynor was taken on vocals so I think I was in pretty good company,” Canton said. “She’s wonderful. So it helps to heal the wound a little bit. Still, Canton says he’s excited about doing the show: “People give me shows like this, and I’m not the only one doing it.” But I really liked this one. It’s a lot of work, but if you’re a singer and you’re musical, it’s definitely easier. I had it on my side.

“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Night” opened with judge Nicole Scherzinger singing the songwriter’s “Memory” from “Cats.” This was followed by judge Ken Jeong serenading Weber (who was there to serve as a guest panelist) with “Phantom of the Opera.”

For corn, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg was right with Mario Cantone. Robin Thicke guessed Nathan Lane. Nicole Scherzinger chose Jonathan Groff. Ken thought Jeong was Bowen Young. Guest judge Andrew Lloyd Webber thought he was Jack White.

As for Mermaids, Robin Thicke got along perfectly with Gloria Gaynor, and Nicole Scherzinger agreed. Ken Jeong Cher said. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg chose Roberta Flack. Andrew Lloyd Webber chose another Gloria, Gloria Stephens.

Given his Broadway chops, Canton said doing an Andrew Lloyd Webber night was a no-brainer for him. “It was difficult and scary, but at the same time it was really smooth, because a lot of people help you and do everything they can to make it easy and workable for you. And the staff was amazing. I have the producers, musical director Miguel Allison, my husband Jerry Dixon, who was a voice coach, then a Broadway singer. He was the one who chose the song for me, as soon as we found out it was Andrew Lloyd Webber night. We practiced it at home and he did a lot of musical exercises for me.

Gloria Gaynor as Mermaid and Mario Cantone as Mace, Diamond John as Fortune, Barry Williams/Christopher Knight/Mike Luckinland as Mummies, Montel Jordan as Panther, Jeff Dunham as P-Rat, Chris Kirkpatrick as Hummingbird, Eric Idle as The Hedgehog and William Shatner Like the famous Knight as described in “The Masked Singer” season 8.

“The Masked Singer” adopted a new “King or Queen of the Masked Singer” format, so multiple eliminations in one episode were common during this period. This season, three or four costumed celebrities perform each week, but only one wins and competes against two or three more next week.

This will continue throughout the season, as after each round three finalists will compete in the semi-finals. He is the first to survive the 1st round and advance to the semi-finals.

“The Masked Singer” enters Season 8 with costumes including “The Bride”, “Avocado”, “Venus Fly Trap”, “Sir Bugaboo”, “Scarecrow”, “Hedgehog” and “Mummies”. Themed episodes include “Vegas Night,” “Comedy Roast,” “Hall of Fame,” “Muppets Night,” “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night,” “TV Themes,” “90s Night,” “Thanksgiving,” and “Scary Night.” ” Guests this season include Donny Osmond, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Muppets, Will Arnett, Leslie Jordan, Joel McHale, Tori Spelling, Jon Lovitz, Jodie Sweetin, Carrot Top, Blue Man Squad, Lance Bass, Daniel Fishel, Sheila E. and Drew. . Carey.

Season 8’s contestants have “combined 32 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy wins, 8 Gold albums, 4 Golden Globe nominations, 42 books, 10 Teen Choice Awards, and 5 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Here are the contestants and their performances from night four.

Robo Girl, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Baker/Fox)
Pete Dadds

Robo Girl (Winner)

song“Bad Cinderella” from “Bad Cinderella”

StrengthFull battery

Hint: He likes trolls.

Stage hint: “On Tour, Robo Girl Holds Her Own Multi-Grammy Winner”

The sound of the packageI feel like I’m out of my comfort zone because of the focus on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s evening. Because for most of my career I’ve lived in the shadow of major stars. From Pharrell to even David Blaine, the brilliance of their talent makes it hard for me to recognize my own. I was worried it wouldn’t be my time. But with 86 cents to my name, I landed a job that would change my life forever. Not only did I get my own cute little attention, but I met the most magical fans in the world. They gave me supernatural confidence and I needed that if I was going to take the lead tonight. Places, everyone.

Panel estimatesJenna Dewan, Becky G, Keke Palmer, Lucy Hale, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez

Corn and Nick Cannon, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Baker/Fox)
Pete Dadds

Corn (Mario Canton)

song: “Heaven on Their Minds,” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Strength: Gluten free

HintThe perfect planner

Stage hint: “TV, movies, stage, even hosting, corn fans are on the edge of their seats.

The sound of the package: “Dear Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sure, you’ve had a few wins. But if you really want to go down in history, you should make a musical about me. Picture this: a young mischievous genius with very big dreams for life in a small corn farm. Making sense of the greats. Hoping it will be available. Then comes Act II of the comedy of errors as I move to the city and struggle to find my place in this show business. The plot thickens as I finally land the role I was born with, and the town smiles with me, bravo! You see, Sir Lloyd Webber, I don’t want to be taken here. But I’m waiting for it to happen. I will have my people call yours. And a show!”

Panel estimates: Jonathan Groff, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Mario Canton

Mermaid, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Baker/Fox)
Pete Dadds

Mermaid (Gloria Gaynor)

song“Any Dream Works” from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Strength: Backstroke

HintSet doomsday

Stage hint: “Mermaid Makes Waves, Enters Library of Congress Forever”

The sound of the package“It was great to be here at the Andrew Lloyd Webber night. But it wasn’t a straight shot for success. Just as my career was starting, a terrible accident caused a major setback. I was so angry that I would never be the same. Let alone perform. But God had a bigger plan for me. I turned my anxiety into a song. And before I know it, oh boy, I’m back on my feet. I’ve played for princes and bishops. And if I do say so myself, I’m as big a legend as you are, Lord Lloyd Webber!”

Panel estimates: Gloria Stephens, Cher, Roberta Flack, Gloria Gaynor

1st Round Semi Finalist: Harp

Previous Songs: “Perfect” in pink; “I Got Nothing” by Whitney Houston; “Thank You for Being Friends” (“Golden Girls” Theme Song)

Estimates of the previous panel: Amber Riley, Ashanti, Yvette Nicole Brown, Queen Latifah, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Fantasia, Ariana Debose

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