The Crown Chapter 5: Misadventures from Diana’s Divorce to the Queen’s Old Age

By | November 12, 2022

Spoiler alert: This post contains all the spoilers for “The Crown” Season 5, which is now streaming on Netflix.

As cute as the sharp jakama British actors brought it to life, “The Crown” was nothing short of amazing in making avid viewers like me rethink the impossible tangled web that is Peter Morgan’s British monarchy. Over the course of five seasons, the Netflix drama’s ability to shock and awe with a colossal budget, high- Stage acting, and near-flawless production design is a well-worn truth — and a lifesaver, too, how obscure it is now.

In the six years since its debut and 21 Emmy wins, the show has managed to entertain millions with each season being less subtle than the last. Season 5, which dropped on November 9, is a far cry from the first episode of “The Crown” to lean too heavily on metaphors to sell its themes. (Remember Chapter 1’s “Act of God,” in which the deadly fog paralyzes Winston Churchill’s indecisiveness, or something else? Pushing metaphor after metaphor at an astonishingly low level.)

Season 5, with Queen Elizabeth’s (now Imelda Staunton) legacy feeling dated and the contentious divorce between Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Prince Charles (Dominic West, doing his best despite being deeply flawed), features shaggy scripts at best. They found a style they didn’t want to shoot directly into the audience’s face. As well as actors like Debicki, Leslie Manville (Princess Margaret) and Olivia Williams (Camilla Parker-Bowles) adapt to the roles they’ve inherited, it’s as if Morgan doesn’t fully trust them (and/or the audience). Understanding Exactly What’s happening all the time. As some of the most repressed and private people on the planet tell their stories, “The Crown” constantly makes them bare everything. Subtext is dead; Long-suffering styles.

Need convincing? Here are five of the new season The most embarrassing metaphors and metaphors, ranked from least to most ridiculous.

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