Summary of Yellowstone: Season 5 Episode 5 deals with the home and summer fight

By | December 6, 2022

Spoiler alert: This post contains Season 5 spoilers for “Yellowstone,” Episode 5, “Em Ride Away,” which aired Sunday, Dec. 4 on the Paramount Network.

Last week’s “Yellowstone” ended with a sexual plot twist as Beth (Kelly Reilly) became more suspicious of the women sleeping with her father (Kevin Costner) and brother Jamie (Wes Bentley). This week, get your saddles ready, because we’re branding! But first, a family dinner from hell. With the re:

  • I think I’d be too sleepy to do it as a cowboy: they go too early on those horses!
  • She’s been sitting at home, drinking and smoking, what about Summer (Piper Perabo) making the perfect burn to deliver to her father?
  • John must have his assistant Clara (Lily Kaye) pull all the meetings for a non-existent “Parks and Recreation” trick for a day.
  • Obviously this is off limits to my house, but please don’t make fun of the sexist joke your dad got. [REDACTED]. I don’t even want to type her words, let alone tell a parent!
  • Maybe not all environmentalists are bad and jaded, home? I know they’re considered evil in “Yellowstone” as urban scumbags, Canadians, and liberals, but maybe they enjoy animals?
  • Ah, so Summer is getting the villain’s edit this season. You can’t make fun of God’s influence on the land in “Yellowstone” and get away with it!
  • Rip (Cole Hauser) is playing with fire by asking Beth to “get rid of the crazy,” but I get it. Look, Beth is clearly a symbol, we have no choice but to stand. But in practice, it is very difficult not to be able to finish the conversation without threatening to run away to Vegas. He said.
  • I’m saddened by Rip’s tongue-in-cheek for you to come along for the ride. i just Love Love!
  • “I guess that’s why I’m governor, and you’re under house arrest.” Wow, John, way to please your partner!
  • Why doesn’t Clara wear more comfortable shoes to the ranch? She’s very professional, but it’s a lot of terrain! If you roll your ankle, you won’t be able to attend many meetings.
  • “That’s my only son.” Oh! Jamie’s clearly a weasel, but that’s tough, Ty.
  • The idea that Beth could do it with food without saying something is absolutely wild, John.
  • This dinner spread looks great! Of course, summer can not eat anything.
  • Uh, summer, we get it – they killed animals for food. Not everything is a soap box.
  • Shout out to drunken Monica (Kelsey Asbill) to break the tension in this tense family dinner. Unexpected!
  • Damn, what a brutal fight! Summer was fun to see a few links come in, but it was no contest. Who won a fist fight at “Yellowstone”? as if.
  • A good laugh when Beth insults Summer after greeting herself. Progress!
  • This season is suffering from a serious lack of Tether (Jennifer Landon).
  • Will Clara get overtime to ride with everyone on The Gather? Sure, it sounds like a great adventure, but hopefully it’s all paid hours!
  • Beth’s Pains in the Saddle: A delightful memoir of Summer beating her square in the night with her crutches.

See you next Sunday night!

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