Spanish film releases a new series, Bela Tarr, Frederic Wiseman films

By | October 19, 2022

The Spanish streamer is set to premiere its latest original show, Autodefensa, about two young women in Barcelona who live a wild and carefree life while grappling with the conflicts and frustrations facing Generation Z.

Created by Miguel Ángel Blanca (“Magaluf Ghost Town”) and starring Berta Prieto and Belen Barrens, “Autodefensa” is a documentary about two friends in their 20s, the works of Lena Dunham’s “Women”, Larry Clark Mash’s “Kids” and Lars von Trier.

Blanca, who prepared and directed the series, was selected Difference Last year, he was named one of Spain’s 10 Rising Talents and recently found success with his own award-winning documentary, Magaluf Ghost Town.

Up-and-coming talents Prieto and Barenis also boast growing popularity: Prieto is a writer and playwright, while Barenis, who goes by the stage name Meme, is an actress and singer in the Spanish musical Rigoberta Bandini.

Premiering on film in November, “Autodefensa” is made up of 10 self-contained episodes ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in length, each shot and edited in its own unique style.

The series, filmed in Barcelona earlier this year, was conceived at the end of the pandemic, when Prieto and Barennis were worried they would lock us up again when they were “like a crazy party.” At that time it seems that all the people we know were finding their place in the world; There was excitement, opportunities and love. But we only had the recurring thought that ‘everyone is cruel’.

In a video posted on social media, Prieto and Barenice shared their feelings and thoughts, and eventually Blanca appeared and spoke to the two. They don’t know who Blanca is, but when they find out that he is a filmmaker and the singer of a band (Manos de Topo), they decide to meet for a beer.

Immediately smitten, Blanca suggested they create what would eventually become “Autodefensa,” a semi-autobiographical story about a century of conflict and two friends having a good time without asking anyone’s permission.

Filmin is an important platform for classic films in addition to modern, original series.

“Monrovia, Indiana.”

Courtesy of Zipporah Films

The stream adds to the extensive catalog of film collections from Hungarian director Béla Tarer and American documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

The selection of films from Luxbox and spanning three decades from 1979 to 2011 includes “Family Cabin,” “The Outsider,” “Catastrophe,” “Satan Tango,” “Werkmeister Harmonize,” “The Londoner” and “The Turin.” horse”

The 18-title Wiseman package from the party film sale includes early works such as 1967’s “Titicut Follies,” “Law and Order” (1969) and “Juvenile Court” (1973), as well as 2001’s “Domestic Violence,” 2009’s “La Danse: Ballet of the Paris Opera.” ”, “Monrovia, Indiana” (2018) and 2020’s “City Hall.

The Film Classics catalog currently includes 35 remastered films, including Hal Ashby’s “Harold and Maude.” Andrei Tarkovsky “The Steamroller and the Violin”; Ingmar Bergman’s “Hour of the Wolf”; “Icari XB-1” by Jindcic Polak; Jean Eustace’s “The Mother and the Whore” and Eiichi Yamamoto’s “The Belladonna of Sorrow.”

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