Selma Blair Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Due To Health Concerns

By | October 19, 2022

Every season, “A Year to Remember” is the most emotional episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” Monday night’s episode was no different with Selma Blair and Sasha Farber saying goodbye to the competition at the end of the night.

In a pre-recorded package, Blair told her partner that she was unable to continue due to health concerns related to multiple sclerosis. The duo huddled close as they watched the package from the ballroom.

“I had these MRIs and the results came back and it all came down to … I can’t continue to compete,” she said. “With a serious illness, you have special attention, and my body is definitely taking a beating. Too much for the safety of my bones. There’s only serious bone damage and swelling… I could do a lot of damage, I really don’t want to.

The couple performed their final “gentle” dance, a waltz set to “What the World Needs Now.” Beofre got her score — a perfect 40 — before the show, sharing that she’s basically been on bed rest for the past ten years.

The entire ballroom was emotional following her shock exit, with every pro, celebrity and judge lining up to hug Blair before she left.

“From the day I joined this show and met Sasha, it’s been an awakening in a way that some people never thought would happen in my life,” she said. Difference In the ballroom, when she started crying. “I never thought I would even have this sincere desire in my life to do this and be embarrassed. I was never a great dancer, oblivious to my disabilities or chronic pain. So getting out there is always scary. Seeing how every dancer on this show is a superstar this season makes me realize a lot about the way we think about people or certain shows or what we think. Here is gold. What these celebrities and professions hold together is some kind of self-love, acceptance, and fulfillment that is true love. It’s an amazing reminder and being embraced by these people breaks my heart in the best way.”

Asked if she would return for the finale, she said she had “high hopes,” but Farber wasn’t sure.

“We have to take care of her health and her body, that’s a priority and I think the hardest thing with these injuries is that she can’t feel on her left side,” he said, adding that she feels good sometimes but is hurting herself. . “And I said, ‘Are you okay? how are you feeling? Does this hurt?’ She said, ‘No, I’m great, I’m great!’ She will be. But little did we know… sometimes the connection would come back into her body so she would have good feeling in her left leg and side.

Farber added that because Blair was going through a loss in his personal life, it also helped him.

“It was a one-year show, to put it simply,” he said. “But there are not enough words to express how proud I am. She is a true inspiration. She inspired not only myself but many people around the world. And I say the world is not just America because we have a lot of support from overseas. There is nothing this woman can’t do. This woman here is an amazing mother, amazing, famous actress and amazing dancer. And I couldn’t be more proud.”

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