Sam Heughan details tight “Foreign” audition with Caitriona Balfe

By | October 23, 2022

“Foreign” stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have an undeniable chemistry in their roles as the series’ romantic leads Jamie and Claire, giving viewers six seasons of love and romance — even when they’re separated by ages.

In an exclusive clip from Heughan’s new memoir, “Waypoints: My Scottish Journey,” the actor details his intense first encounter with Balfe at the cast panel.

“The chemistry had to be right between him and whoever played Jamie’s time-traveling lover,” Heagun explained before the show began production. The intense reading that followed between the two actors simply cemented them as the perfect duo to portray Jamie and Claire.

Heughan revealed how he and Balfe were asked by the casting director to do what would become a famous scene from the series’ first season – the tense exchange between Claire and Jamie in the episode “Reckoning”. Fans will easily remember Jamie’s pain line, “You’re ripping my guts out, Claire.”

Although the two characters have an enduring love, they can be quite opposite in their relationship. Born out of love and frustration, we literally started drooling over each other until the director called time. It was intense, physical and emotional. It took our breath away. She was wrapped in my arms and I think we both knew that Jamie and Claire came into existence together,” Heughan wrote.

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Heagun also mentioned how he defended Balfe when he started shooting “Outlander”, saying that it was a big role for her as an actress.

“It was a big leap for her. I felt like I had to be as protective of her as Jamie was with Claire. In some ways, that dynamic seemed to develop between us as actors and then went to be amplified and explored in front of the cameras,” Heagun says.

The actor also shared his close relationship with “Outlander” writer Diana Gabaldon in the memoir, revealing how he was told how Jamie and Claire’s story would end.

“Gabbs is a wonderful and wonderful woman who always explains a lot to me about the subtlety and inspiration of the characters. She wrote eighteen novels in the planned series when the first season went into production. With the narrative unfolding in her head, she told me what would happen in the closing pages of the final book. Since then, it’s been our secret since only the show’s executive producer, Meryl Davis, knows.

Listen to the full audio clip for Heghan’s “Way Points” below:

Set on a solitary six-day, 100-mile journey into the Scottish Highlands, “Way Points” presents an actor’s quest for self-discovery. Hague reveals personal details about his life, from his intense relationship with his father who abandoned his family when he was a child, to school failures, infamous “big break” auditions and a disordered diet to satisfy an unhealthy obsession with a leading actor. Physical.

The memoir features dozens of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos from Heughan’s life, from his teenage years to high-profile locations to “behind the scenes.”

“Way Points” will be released on October 25.

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