Raul Bova First Look Photos: Luxvid ‘Good Morning Mom’ Season 2

By | October 20, 2022

Italy’s Lux Vid has revealed the first look images of the second series of “Good Morning Mom” ​​starring Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta.

In the year The show, which premiered in 2021, sees Bovan as a father trying to keep his family together after his wife falls into a coma. But her presence, although silent, is still very important to everyone around her.

The first season was sold to several territories including Hungary, Croatia, Brazil and MENA territories.

In the show’s second outing, everything changes for the Borghese, as Lux Vide CEO Luca Bernabe promises at a mipcom, where the audience is treated to a new mystery and finally discovers details about their complicated past.

“Something big is going to happen to this family. It’s like an atomic bomb is going to drop on everyone. This time, everything will be different.

Bernabé calls the company’s latest move to Undisclosed, one of its proudest shows, “Good Morning Mom.”

“It’s about waiting. What does it mean to wait in life? Waiting for love, friendship. These days, we don’t like to wait anymore, but these guys decide to do it. They try to stay together as a unit in this fast paced world.

Bova, coming off a successful appearance in season 13 of “Don Matteo” — the next one is currently in the writing process — says she welcomed the chance to play the “imperfect” father. And husband.

“The reason I fell in love with this series was because I was wondering how this man could love this woman so much that he decided to wait for so long, like Luca said. And he went through all these problems with the kids, hoping that he could talk to her again.

He admits he was “shocked” by the twists and turns of the second season.

“We see a completely different side of this family. It’s a powerful show, very emotional. You think you know something just because it’s wrong.

Raul Bova
Credit: Virginia Bettoja

One of Italy’s most famous actors, he has also appeared in such films as “The Tourist”, “Under the Tuscan Sun” or “All Roads to Rome” alongside Sarah Jessica Parker.

“A friend of mine had a similar experience. “I see how it affects him or his children, how hard it is, financially,” he said.

“What goes through your head in a situation like that? What helps you accept it? It’s weird with Luca, because sometimes I’m going through something and he comes up with a script that reflects.

The show is based on the true story of a woman who was in a coma for 29 years. In “Good Morning Mother”, Maria Chiara Giannette’s character is revealed in flashbacks.

“I was not the real father of that family And mother.’ Despite her condition, his wife was still at the center of this family, everyone talked to her,” says Bernabé.

“I was surprised when the show became so popular because it’s dangerous. But then Raul became a priest and [Giannetta] Thanks became a star [another show] ‘Blanca’,” he joked, adding that Bova, despite his star status, is now looking for different roles.

“In the first season he was showing strength. Now, he is not afraid of weakness. He has become brave as an actor, refusing to play the same character over and over again. “

“You change, once you get older. When I was 18, I wanted to be an action star. Of course, I’m looking for something different now,” says Bova.

“Luca’s right – we were scared to talk about this series at first. What’s so exciting about a woman who’s always in bed, doesn’t speak? We won’t mention that she’s in a coma at first. We’ll just talk about this family. How they don’t give up.”

Raul Bova
Credit: Virginia Bettoja

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