Onza sold the thriller series ‘Motel Valkirias’ to Brazil’s Globoplay

By | October 18, 2022

Globoplay, the giant Latin American television streaming platform, has picked up the Brazilian rights to the police noir thriller series “Motel Valkyrias,” a Spanish-Portuguese joint venture managed by Onza Distribution.

Created by Galeb Jaber Martínez, writer and producer of the Netflix Galician TV drama “O Sabor das Margaridas”, the series is directed by Alex Sampaio (Shibare) and Jorge Quiroga (“Behind the Clouds”).

In post-production, the eight-episode 50-minute “Motel Valkyrias” is set in a cross-border hotel between Galicia and Portugal, following three women with financial and personal problems who find themselves in grave danger after teaming up to get their hands on some. Merchandise from a stranger in a motel.

Lisbon-born Maria João Bastos (“Casanova Variations”), Goya Award-winning actor Chechu Salgado (“Border Rules”) and “O Sabor das Margaridas” Maria Mera are at the top.

Jaleb Martínez’s Galician outfit CTV will produce “Motel Valkyrias” along with SPi, the Portuguese partner behind the HBO series “Auga Seca,” in collaboration with TVG, the studio behind the HBO series “Auga Seca,” in Galicia and Portugal RTP.

Onza Distribution secured international sales rights to the series outside of Spain and Portugal last year and is starting the pre-sales process in some European and Latin American territories.

The sales arm of Madrid-based Onza Entertainment, the company behind TVE-Netflix’s “The Department of Time” and Dopamine’s historical drama co-series “Hernán,” Onza Distribution is pitching several new productions at Mipcom.

Carlos Garde, Managing Director of Onza Distribution, said: “We aim for our new works to represent the widest range of genres and formats so that all our customers can find the product they are looking for. .

Among the Onza market premieres at MIPCOM 2022 will be the documentary “Youth Addiction,” which explores the causes and consequences of teenagers’ addictions to their mobile phone screens.

The three-part, 45-minute documentary was produced by Onza and Alejandro G. Romers in association with Capa, Productions Impossibles and Metos Media.

Gard added: “We’re excited to present the yet-to-be-released ‘Youth Addictions’, but unfortunately we believe it will have strong global projections due to the problem affecting young people around the world.” .

In the year Launched in 2014, Onza hosts its own productions along with many third-party shows, including telenovelas by Portuguese broadcaster TVI. Among the new ones are “Para Cempre,” a two-season, 100-episode each telenovela starring Diogo Morgado, star of the International Emmy Award-winning “Ouro Verde,” and “Festa e Festa,” the recently won TV multi-entertainment soap. Venice TV Award.

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