NFL Awards Amazon Prime Video New ‘Black Friday’ Game in 2023

By | October 19, 2022

After acquiring the rights to “” , Amazon Prime is getting a crack at the game on Friday.

The live streaming giant will begin a new “Black Friday” broadcast in 2023, airing a new game after Thanksgiving. The move adds more NFL football to the season opening the nation’s critical holiday shopping season and expands the NFL beyond the usual annual Thanksgiving times on NBC, CBS and Fox.

Amazon and NFL executives indicated that the new matchup is baked into a recent 11-year deal in which the two sides gave the digital titan exclusive rights to “Thursday Night Football” starting with the current season. Amazon has moved aggressively to consolidate its new assets, signing up top advertisers such as Al Michaels and promoting the games extensively through shipping materials and online portals.

While many television shows have experienced ratings erosion, “Thursday Night Football” has established a new niche among sports fans, with more than 10 million people watching the game each week. Amazon’s efforts show that younger fans want to watch sports, said NFL Chief Media Officer Hans Schroeder. And leagues must move into digital realms to accommodate them. “Those fans are out there and they want to watch sports,” he said.

The game will go live in what is supposed to be the opening of the big market season. Amazon believes the “Black Friday” games will help bring shoppers to its e-commerce business, though executives cautioned they don’t expect soccer fans to push other businesses on Amazon.

“We’re starting with the consumer first,” said Marie Donguey, Amazon’s vice president of global sports video. “This is an opportunity to give millions of fans an extra NFL game on Black Friday.”

The NFL played games last Friday, especially when Christmas fell on that day.

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