Netflix has announced the list of Turkish originals

By | November 6, 2022

Netflix has unveiled four new Turkish original series and premiered a feature film produced and directed by the streaming giant, Pelin Dishtaş, director of Turkish original content.

Dishtas said during the event that Netflix now produces more than thirty original series and films in Turkey, giving space for new and different stories.

The new Turkish shows and the film, which will begin production shortly and are slated for release in 2024:

-“Asaf” series created and directed by Ozgur Onurme (“Fatima”) is about an ordinary Uber driver with strong moral values ​​who searches for a way to restore his life after his separation from his wife and child.

– “The City” was directed by Seren Yuce (“The Circle”) and written by Deniz Karaoglu and Doju Yasar Keel. This episode focuses on a couple who have been in love for years and are reunited after their mother dies when they find a bag full of cash in the trunk of a crashed car. This leads to ethical issues and other complex problems.

– “Ashes” Directed by Erdem Tepegwoz (“In the Shadows”), this feature film tells the story of a rich and married woman who falls in love with a mysterious carpenter, which leads to many conflicts.

– Untitled Berkun Oya series project. The famous Turkish creator of “Etos” and “Sisi” shows, Berken Oya is now working on a new project for Netflix about the nuclear family and their journey over several decades.

– Title of work: “Kimler Geldi Kimmler Gechiti.” Turkish writer Ece Yörenç (“Fallen Leaves”) has written a rom-com series for Netflix that deals with the relationships of characters of different ages in modern day Turkey.

The previously announced but yet-to-be-released Turkish production “Do Not Disturb” (pictured) is a new drama by Turkish multi-hyphenate Cem Yilmaz, the first film in his creative partnership with Netflix. Created and directed by Yılmaz, the film’s protagonist, the film stars Isaac, a character who has been a boat waiter for years, unemployed due to the plague, and eventually finds work at a night shift hotel. .

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