Mindy Kaling’s ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ Season 2 raises the bar

By | November 20, 2022

The first season of HBO Max’s “Sex Lives of College Girls,” created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, introduced viewers to the troubled Leighton (Renee Rapp), Bella (Amrit Kaur), Whitney (Aaliyah Chanel Scott) and Kimberly. (Paul Chalamet), freshmen at the fictional Essex College are housed together in the same classroom despite their opposite – and often conflicting – personalities.

Each character’s features serve as a foil for the others. In the first season, Leighton uses a WASP-like slip to disguise her speech, and the result is a cleverness that runs counter to Bella’s MO, which is to have as much sex as possible. Bella wants to make a name for herself in comedy despite the rampant sexism she’s trying to break into the industry – a different ambition than football star Whitney’s lack of interest in anything school-related. But while Whitney is pushed by her politician mother to think about her future, Kimberly, a scholarship student from Arizona, is trying to survive her current situation by maintaining her scholarship status and staying in school.

Below, the creators and cast of “College Girls Sex Lives” tease. Difference Ways every character will change in the second season of the HBO Max comedy.

Whitney found her identity in an unexpected place

“[Our show has] “A lot of raves, people go to nudity parties, where genitalia goes around,” Noble said. “But we want to tell a story about a man who finds himself in ways he never imagined. All Whitney knows is football. She does this for hundreds of hours a week, and when that goes away, she has a huge void to fill.”

Whitney fills the gap in an unlikely place: the classroom. It’s a development that Scott “pleased” her with. “Secretly, I was like, this is great, because my mom loves this. My mom is an engineer, so I was like, ‘Here, mom. This is for you.’ I felt like I was channeling her.

Bella is motivated to succeed – by any means necessary

Bella’s attempts to break into comedy are directly thwarted by the Essex comedy paper “The Catullan”, often mischievous attempts to undermine or downplay her talent. In the first season, Bella was sexually assaulted by the senior editor of “The Catullan”, after which she decided to quit and start her own women’s comic magazine on campus. But this decision brings a whole new set of challenges. Kaur said she drew inspiration from her “personal journey” in those situations.

“She’s going through blocks, she has to deal with sexual abuse, she has to deal with jealousy, and because of that, her coping mechanism is ‘I’m going to be the boss.'” These are all things that I’ve experienced, and I’ve tried to give Bella some personalization as an actress to make her more human.”

Leighton became a “female dog magnet.”

After weeks of hiding her secret romances with women on the dating app, Renee Rapp’s character Leighton comes out to his roommate Kimberly in the season 1 finale. To her remaining co-stars, Rapp said her favorite part of playing Leighton in Season 2 was “really looking at her own sexuality in an uncomfortable situation.” The trailer sees Leighton kissing several women in a classic montage sequence, hinting at the character’s evolution.

“Girl girl is a dog magnet,” the rapper said. Difference. “She’s so dedicated to everything she does and she’s carefree in that way and it’s really fun, no matter how silly she is.”

For Kimberly, the stakes are higher than ever.

Difference As TV critic Caroline Framke noted in her review of season 1, “Kimberly’s trial as a scholarship girl in Essex surrounded by legacy students at a private school … has the struggles of many high school shows (including Gossip Girl) on the issue of class division.” To explain the other half” This is a conflict that will continue in season 2 – although with higher stakes, because Kimberly lost her scholarship due to the cheating scandal that happened in the first season.

The way she decided to earn the $42,000 payment might shock you. Chalamet said the choice was made [her] Realize how high the odds of staying in school were for Kimberly.

“This is what she was willing to do after exhausting so many other options,” she said. “What made me realize how much Kimberly wanted to stay in school was that she was willing to make such a difficult decision.”

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