Luca has planned a cosplay show with Hollywood and Italian genre content

By | October 21, 2022

A decade ago, Luca Comics & Games expanded its horizons with a special film and TV division run by Milan-based entertainment marketing company QMI, led by Giovanni Cova and working with Luca boss Emanuele Viettina on the strip.

During this decade, Hollywood became an even more important part of this particular geek gathering. First with studio premieres, followed by thousands of cosplayers descending on a medieval Tuscan town and streams looking to tap into the transformative power of fan-based communities.

However, this year, Cova and Viettina say they are particularly proud that the event is serving as a launching pad for local genre content in the spirit of Italy’s reboot. Difference.

Luca seems to have returned to her pre-outbreak levels. am i right

Cave: I was really impressed that this year, in addition to the streamers, we have all the major studios, independent film distributors and broadcasters. After two difficult years, they all wanted to make it clear that they are coming back with something special for the Luca audience.

How would you describe this year’s film and television content?

Cave: Luca’s various souls are on the one hand a very strong Hollywood entertainment presence, but on the other in Italian genre films. We are very happy to meet you [director] Who speaks of Matteo Rovere [Ancient Rome series] “Romulus 2” and Paolo Stripoli, the new Italian director, with “Piove” (Flowing) horror film and also publisher Sergio Bonelli with “Dampyr” where he first appeared in the world of cinema. Then there is Japanese animation with Goro Taniguchi’s “One Piece Movie: Red” to name a few titles. So we cover a wide spectrum.

Emanuel, talk to me about the red carpet, which is something new. How to prepare a red carpet at a cosplay event?

Local: When 100,000 people live in one place, it can be complicated. We are setting up in the central square of Piazza del Giglio, where Lucca Comics started in 1966. We’re lucky because our main movie destination is right next to it. So we freed the square, and we spread the carpet, which will have two roles – there will be eight or nine red carpets. On the one hand, we must guarantee the safety of the talents, and the light measure. But the red carpet will not only be for the premiere of the film. When the premieres aren’t taking place, it will also be a community carpet.

What else are you proud of this year?

Local: This year Lucca will have a new space dedicated to community content, called Creators House, where web creators, influencers and Twitchers can go and have a platform. Our digital festival also overlooks the Giardino Degli Osservanti, the cosplay garden from which many of our biggest parades originate, including the Spider-Man 60th Anniversary. One hit for the 50th manga “The Rose of Versailles”. [a.k.a. “Lady Oscar”]. It accommodates our largest installations, including one dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne.

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