‘Love Without Borders’ creator Chris Collen on the new Bravo dating show

By | December 2, 2022

Chris Coelen knows what makes a TV show. As CEO of Kinetic Content, his current shows include Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight,” Netflix’s “Love Is Blind,” and “Ultimate,” to name a few.

Now, he’s teaming up with Bravo for a second season following 2020’s “Spy Games.” In Kinetic’s latest unscripted series, “Love Without Borders,” five singles are looking to change the way they look for love — and where they look for it. With the help of relationship expert Arika Angelo, they drop everything and fly around the world to find their match.

“It’s an idea that I really like and feel. I felt like it had some place in the culture. In the year “There’s a statistic that I saw in 2016 that looked like 60 million Americans, if they were given the opportunity to leave the country and resettle somewhere else, they would take it,” says Collen. Difference. “And that was 2016. A lot has happened since 2016.”

As with most of his projects, Collen felt he could personally relate to his prequels.

“At certain times in my life, I was in trouble professionally. I felt that my geographical location was an obstacle to finding love, to finding the person I wanted to be with. I felt like, ‘Oh my God, I really need to get out of Los Angeles and go to Oregon for some air, and that’s when I’ll meet the woman of my dreams,'” he recalls. “I thought to myself, this would never happen in Los Angeles.”

Ultimately, he is wrong, but he knows he is not alone in this feeling.

I think this is very relatable to people not only looking for love, but not looking for love. – but also, a lot of people feel like they want to change their lives,” says Collen. “I think this is a show based on the truth in the mindset of people who feel like they want to change their lives as much as they want to find love.”

“Love Without Borders” premieres Wednesday, November 30 at 9 pm ET.

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