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By | November 14, 2022

In the year Among the many controversies that engulfed the British royal family in the 1990s, one that came to light almost two decades later was Prince Andrew’s friendship with accused sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell (he was charged with sex trafficking last December) ) was finally exposed in the press.

The scandal that erupted after Prince Andrew was accused in civil court of sexual assault by Epstein’s victim, Virginia Juffre, destroyed his public image. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, stripped him of many of his patronage and military ranks before his death, and although he denied wrongdoing and eventually reconciled with Guiffre, Andrew was still banished from public life.

But for James Murray, who plays Prince Andrew in “The Crown” Season 5, there was no fear of stepping into the shoes of the villainous royal. “My thoughts were ‘great, wonderful,'” Murray says Difference. “This is going to be a lot of fun.”

“The material is fantastic,” Murray continued. “And Andrew, worried about what’s going on in the press? Not really, because the first thing is to detach myself from all that and just take it as white noise and crack on the material that’s put in front of me. I’m so honored and privileged to have been given the role. And it was a lot of fun to play it.”

James Murray as Prince Andrew in ‘The Crown’ (Season 5) – Presented by Netflix

Murray, who has appeared in shows including “Coronation Street” and “Suspects,” was filming the fly-fishing series in Scotland when he received an email from co-star Robson Green (“Granchester”)’s agent asking him to audition for the show. “I think you sent it to the wrong person,” replied the room. After he was convinced that he was indeed the right receiver, Murray asked Green to help him film the audition. Indeed, while Murray read Andrew, Green — who rose to fame on the TV series “Soldier” before briefly enjoying a musical career under the watchful eye of a then-unknown Simon Cowell — read Queen Elizabeth’s lines.

“The tape’s still there,” laughs Murray. “It’s quite funny actually. We did and I showed it to Robson and the first thing he said was, ‘You’ve rung the bell there, mate. You’re being asked to go to London at the weekend.’ And he was right.”

“It’s no longer clear if Murray is joking. [Green] He reads in all my shows.” If not, Green has certainly proved to be a good luck charm. Next on Murray’s agenda is shooting season 6 of “The Crown,” which is currently in production, and Steven Spielberg’s Apple TV+ drama “Masters of the Air,” which was recently slated to air next year.

As it happens, “The Crown” Season 5 will steer clear of Andrew’s misadventures. Not even his controversial tenure as the UK’s special trade envoy was touched upon. More worryingly, Andrew sits down with Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton) to discuss his failed marriage to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, warning his mother that she has photographs of Sarah having her toes nursed by her financial adviser. He said.

If showrunner Peter Morgan had decided to show Andrew’s rumored bias, how would Murray have coped? “I mean, don’t judge me on this, but it’s because I think I really enjoy playing challenging or polarizing roles, or definitely divisive scenes,” he said. “And I think, from an actor’s point of view, when they give me scenes that are shocking or parting ways in my career, or when they give me courtroom arguments or reactions, they’re exciting scenes. But I know this is not for every actor.

“So I would love if those scenes were given to me or indeed those scenes would come out in season 6. I made them happy,” he added. Because we are making a TV drama, not a documentary. So from an actor’s point of view, it’s a joy to play,” he said.

Pictured above: Back row, left to right: Seann West as Prince William, Will Powell as Prince Harry, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, Theo Fraser Steele as Timothy Lawrence, Claudia Harrison as Princess Anne, Sam Wolfe. As Prince Edward, James Murray as Prince Andrew. Front row, left to right: Marcia Warren as the Queen Mother, Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip; Leslie Manville as Princess Margaret.

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