Holly Ramsey signs with CAA (exclusive).

By | November 16, 2022

Holly Ramsay, celebrity multi-Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay and TV presenter Tana Ramsay have signed with CAA for representation.

Holly serves as a podcast developer at Gordon Ramsay and FOX Entertainment’s collaborative studio Ramsay Global. She is working on a documentary on sex education and sexuality for Sandek.

Her first podcast was “21 and Over,” a 13-episode series that launched in 2021 from Cloud10 Media and Studio Ramsay Global. The series explores mental health, family dynamics, identity and what it means to be a 20-something in today’s world.

As the show wraps up, Holly gives a glimpse into her personal life, revealing what her fans haven’t shared online. “On ’21 and Over,’ Holly makes the brave decision to share her personal experiences, the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with various health conditions, including depression and anxiety. The purpose of the podcast is to create a kind, healthy and safe conversation to inspire healing and emotional well-being.” The log line will be read.

On social media, Ramsey maintains a strong presence on Tik Tok, where she has more than 300,000 followers and counting. She shares her fashion interests, travel and family updates with her fans through her carefully curated vlogs, including the Dress Up With Me series.

Holly has appeared in “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch” and “The F Word” and has worked with brands such as BetterHelp, Pandora Jewelry, Daniel Wellington, Desenio and LookFantastic, among others.

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