Gabriel Iglesias at Dodger Stadium Show, Variety’s ‘My Funny Trip’

By | October 19, 2022

As Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias celebrates his 25th anniversary, the comedian recalls the origins of the act.

In the first part of Various New documents “My funny journey”, created Various With Alex Castro and Steven Guidos, Iglesias revisits his hometown of Long Beach, California, where he recounts his journey from selling cell phones to becoming a famous comedian.

“I love how I can drive five minutes and see my childhood,” Iglesias said as he drove through the old neighborhood. He added, “This is home to me, and if I leave I feel like I’m losing touch with the real thing.

in Various Riding, Iglesias pulled up close to his childhood home at the start: an apartment he lived in with his mother in the 80s.

“My mom was yelling at me from that window,” Iglesias says, pointing to one of the building’s second-floor windows. “I play here – this is my playground – and she says, ‘Make sure you play where you want to play.'”

Iglesias later dropped by Tincher Prep School, where he performed in front of an audience for the first time.

“This school showcased talent. I was here to do an audition with a friend — to do a sketch for ‘Saturday Night Live,'” he recalls. “When we went out to do the pictures, my friend ran out that door, and I was stuck there by myself.”

Instead of vouching for his friend, Iglesias decided to do vocals for the show. “I was used to being bullied back then, I was used to being called fat,” he says. “But after that night, I realized that what I did made everyone see me; And I loved it. Who doesn’t want a good attention? ”

In the session, Iglesias explains his comedic perspective as well as his stand-up routine.

“I always give something a good chance,” he says of the article. “If I think something’s funny, I’m sure I’ll do it right… Nothing’s ever lost, it’s on the back burner.”

Although he admires comedians known for being controversial and “pushing the envelope,” citing Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle, Iglesias insists he would never use the act as a political platform.

“That’s not what my fans signed up for,” he said. “I started to suddenly change what I was doing and being political or like, ‘Oh, you have to be like this.'”

Iglesias made history as the first comedian to ever perform at Dodger Stadium, recording back-to-back sold-out concerts. The historic stand-up event will be broadcast as a Netflix special titled, “Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles.”

“Comedy taught me that humor is something that brings people together,” he says.

At the end of the episode, Iglesias added, “When I walk out, I know I have some responsibility to make them feel better than when they walked in.”

“Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles” premieres globally on Netflix on October 18.

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