Fremantle’s chief executive spoke of hitting a €3 billion revenue target for 2025

By | October 18, 2022

Fremantle bosses Jennifer Mullin and Andrea Scrosati announced the company’s three-year deal with Angelina Jolie at Cannes Mipcom.

“She had a lot of other opportunities,” said Mullin, who executive produces everything from “Got Talent” and “Idol” to “My Bright Friend” and the Luca Guadagnino film “Bones and All.”

“at first, [Jolie] It is global. We are global. She has impeccable taste, is ambitious and loves to tell impactful stories. All of these notes fit perfectly with what we want to do.

“She can tell any story she wants and we can put it anywhere in the world,” Mullin continued. “She felt Fremantle would give her a very comfortable and home to do her best work.”

The agreement was signed in March. Jolie’s upcoming film “Without Blood,” based on Alessandro Barrico’s novel, is set to shoot in Rome this summer, entering pre-production just weeks after the deal was finalized.

“These words, ‘a place creators call home,’ are really important to us – as a company and as a culture. “Our focus is to create irresistible entertainment and to do that we need the best creative talent in the world,” added Mullin.

During his keynote speech, moderated Various Global Manoree Ravindran, Mullin & Scrosati’s editor-in-chief also discussed their “big” growth plans. The company recently acquired several companies, from Irish “Normal People” producer Element Pictures to Italian “Devils” outfit Lux Vide.

“We are not ‘buying income’. We’re looking to grow,” Mullin said. The desire to find an ITV studio kept my mother at RTL.

“We look at businesses, creatives and companies that look like they’re a good fit for the type of content we’re producing now.”

“For every deal we did, we passed on 10 because these companies didn’t have the right cultural fit,” COO Scrosati admits. To increase full-year revenue to 3 billion euros ($2.9 billion) by 2025.

“We’re on track. Last year was our biggest revenue year and this year we’re going to surpass that,” Mullin said, adding that Latin America and India are the company’s “priority areas.”

The company is also investing in documentary films, Scrosati said.

“A few years ago, Fremantle announced that we were going to be a major player in a script and quite a few people were skeptical about it. I’m sure we do the same with documentaries. This year we will present 45 documentaries. This is a big leap,” he said.

“It’s important to give our creative talent a chance to be our partners in different genres. Documentary is a project of interest for many directors. (That’s Angelina Jolie, Mullin added.)

When asked about future challenges looming over the entire industry, Scrosati said, “We strongly believe in AVOD. In November, December, families sit at the kitchen table, look at the energy bill and realize that they cannot afford nine subscriptions. And even if they do, they start to think it’s not right.

The company’s statement also translates to “fairytales for everyone,” as Silver Lion winner “Bones and All” has generated major awards buzz since its Venice premiere.

“Coming here [to Cannes] It feels meaningful, because that’s where we got the award for ‘Eight Mountains’. [directed by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix van Groeningen]. A few years ago, this was not expected,” Scrosati said.

“We are not in Hollywood blockbuster films, the film we make costs 25 million at most. There are many ways you can monetize the film in the first and second cycle.

Today, you can go traditional or you can go straight to streamers, but what I find interesting is hybrid solutions. The model we’re trying to apply is the one we apply to the whole company: producer and creatively driven. This is the only way to go from 8 to 33 features in two years.

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