‘Euphoria’ is set for a German adaptation.

By | November 27, 2022

“Euphoria” is set to get a German adaptation. Difference can reveal.

Germany’s Zetsprung Pictures (“Lieber Thomas”) has picked up the show from production and distribution company ADD Content, which is backing the format and international rights to the series.

“Euphoria” is an Israeli original created by Ron Lesheim and Daphne Levine. The show follows a group of high school students who struggle with drugs, sex, trauma and social media while simultaneously exploring friendship and love.

The original version was produced by Teddy Productions and aired on the Israeli broadcaster HOT. HBO’s US adaptation of the show, starring Zendaya (pictured above), Jacob Elordi and Sidney Sweeney, soon followed and became a runaway success.

The German adaptation has already brought writers Jonas Lint (“Drake”) and Paulina Lorenz (“Drake”) to work on the project.

“We’re thrilled that the incredible success of ‘Euphoria’ continues to resonate around the world, and we’re excited about this new collaboration,” said Broadcaster HOT. “We will continue to create quality content that brings pride to Israel across audiences and borders.”

“‘Euphoria’ is one of the biggest and most successful IPs and we are very happy to bring the story to Germany for this special coming-of-age series with great writers Jonas Lint and Paulina Lorenz,” said Michael Sauvignier, CEO and Producer of Zeitspring Pictures. We strongly believe that universal topics such as identity, mental illness, addiction and sexuality that Gen Z faces under constant pressure to succeed and perform need to be addressed in a uniquely local way. Attitudes of young German youth.

Hadas Moz Lichtenstein, founder of ADD Content, added, “From the beginning, we knew that ‘Euphoria’ was a unique drama series that resonated beyond the Israeli market – exploring the youth experience in a real way – which stood out with the response to HBO’s poignant and compelling remake.” Although raw and often disturbing, the themes and stories in the show appeal to teenage audiences in many markets around the world. We look forward to seeing how the German version brings a different perspective to younger audiences.

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