Ester Expósito to star in ‘La Isla Bonita’, sold in Fremantle

By | October 19, 2022

Cannes – Ester Expósito, one of the most famous actresses of “Elite”, is set to star in “La Isla Bonita” in a new series created by Ginesta Guindal (“Vida Perfecta”, “Elite”). Immigrant and Sabado Peliculas with producer-distribution superintendent Fremantle handling international distribution.

A respectful drama like E-Isla Bonita focuses on a group of friends – partier, party animal Alfonso, idealistic Peter, environmentalist Sol – who share a beautiful house on Ibiza, until the owner decides to triple the rent for the summer months. Forcing them to find ingenious solutions to keep their lives and their homes together.

Exposito, who brought increasing variety and depth to her performance as Carla Rosen Caleruguega in “Elite,” plays Roxy, who rents a room in the house and attends the island’s best parties in order to become “the person” on social media.

Wrapping up the six-episode first season, “La Isla Bonita” casts an over-the-top metaphor for Ibiza as “the challenges young generations face today: City life is tough because people can’t pay the rent.” Ecosystems are collapsing, and our mental health is collapsing,” one statement said.

The series’ “interesting and conflicted” characters appear to be a knowing analysis, “between romanticism and cynicism, between capitalist comfort and conflicting idealism, between saving the world and saving their ass,” the presentation continues.

“’La Isla Bonita’ is a personal series. Lust. Loving. Full of life. This story is based on my own experience in Ibiza and it stems from the values ​​and feelings of my life, being a millennial in today’s world,” said Ginesta.

She added: “Esther’s ability to portray characters who are complex, conflicted and relatable to audiences around the world is superb.

Immigrant CEO Camila Jimenez added that the series is “a personal project filled with characters who face issues common to all Millennials and GenZers, with the potential to connect with audiences worldwide.”

“What’s amazing about these characters is their determination to find a solution and enjoy life despite all those problems,” she continued.

“La Isla Bonita” is scheduled to begin production in the second half of 2023.

Sheila Aguirre, EVP of Content Distribution and Format Sales at Fremantle commented: “Ginesta is an exceptional creative talent. Ginsta’s unique tale of recent experiences and emotions in ‘La Isla Bonita’ is ultimately a profound reflection on today’s world. Expected from the brilliant minds behind The Immigrant and Sabado Peliculas, this series conveys something deeply personal yet universal.

“Ginsta has a unique look and style. Barcelona Sabado Pelliculas CEO and Producer Tony Carrizosa added, “She weaves a fantastic and personal story around the world of Ibiza, showing its light and shadows and revealing themes important to our times.”

Based out of Los Angeles, Mexico City and Madrid, The Immigrant is founded by Jimenez and Silvana Aguirre. Produces premium television and film in English and Spanish, focusing on authentic Latino/a/e/x voices and perspectives. Supported by Fremantle and Bron.

Sabado Peliculas “La Lamada” launched by Carrizosa and Kike Mailo, distributed on Netflix and created “Veneno” by winning the first feature of Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo, winning international fans, distributed on HBO Max. “Cardo” Sabado was behind “La Sombra de la Ley,” winner of five Goya awards.

Ginesta Guindal

Variety discussed “La Isla Bonita” with Jimenez and Gindal all the way up to Mipcom.

“La Isla Bonita” is in which state?
JimenezIt is very advanced. We have the entire first season mapped out, and a clear vision for the second. Ginista is clear on the components and we are about to start a pilot.

Were you writing Jinsta alone?
Gindal: Yes, I am the creator and have been writing alone until now, but we will gather a group of writers and bring more voices to the project. Similar to leading. I control the creative vision and direction, but I want to invite another director to the project.
JimenezThe number 1 level at this point is the writers section. It’s great to continue building these characters and worlds under the genius team of writers and Jinsta’s vision. Similar to leading. We have many wonderful ideas on the table.
The series depicts young people who lead beautifully chaotic lives as they gradually build an image of the keys to survival for their generation. Can you comment?
Jimenez: This is one of the key strengths of the series from a creative perspective. The show is very close to Jinsta’s personal experiences so it tells an authentic story, but it also touches on issues that are important to millennials and centenarians around the world today. Gentrification is devaluing lives – Ibiza, New York or Puerto Rico, mental health is declining around the world – collapsing around the weight of our relationship with social media, sexuality is constantly expressed…, multi-season shows to focus on these themes from multiple perspectives and from the characters. It lets you see how they develop over time.

The issues are definitely related. The widespread anxiety is related to the economic insecurities of a generation trying to escape through sexual relations, which can increase internal conflicts.
Gindal: It is absolutely systemic at the end of the day. I especially like to explore the sexuality of characters in my work because I think sexuality often defines who we are. Some characters lose themselves in sex. The oppression of others shows a great imbalance in their lives. Life is rough for Roxy, money is waiting and sex is the currency to get it. Esther wonderfully portrays a very raw, unapologetic and complex character.

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