Easter Eggs from Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

By | November 28, 2022

(Caution: Mild spoilers for Netflix’s “Wednesday” ahead.)

What’s a Tim Burton project without an Easter egg? The new series “Wednesday is filling in with everything from TV series, movies, and all things Tim Burton.” Production designer Mark Scruton filled the Netflix show with interesting references to other versions.

The “Addams Family” spinoff stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, sent to Nevermore Academy, where she tries to master her newfound psychic abilities and solve a murder mystery related to her family’s past.

Countless teases and references throughout the eight-episode series include, in the opening credits, the city of Jericho, where “Rules” live, a storefront as a florist, cobbler and thrift store from Charles Addams’ original cartoon, plus a shrunken head in Principal Weems’ office, a “beetle juice” ” Ref.

Here are some of the highlights.


talk with various, Scruton revealed Wednesday that Weathervane’s coffee shop and Nevermore regulars have Tim Burton T-shirts.

All kinds of metal weatherstripping is attached to the wall. They were designed by Scruton with references to Burton’s other films: The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow and Willy Wonka’s Hat.

Pilgrim World

Wednesday hates everything related to pilgrims and colonialism. When she moves to her new school, Nevermore, Wednesday learns that the closest amusement park is Pilgrim World.

The theme park is a nod to the movie sequel Wednesday and her brother Pugsley, who were sent to Camp Chippewa. In particular, it’s a place that doesn’t stop on Wednesday, the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving.

Two Snaps

Always curious, Wednesday learns that Nevermore Academy has a secret society. Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci, stands in front of an entrance that leads to a secret passageway in the audience. A simple two finger swipes unlocks the portal.

The two screenshots are set to the tune of The Addams Family’s theme song featuring the famous finger snap.


Another subtle nod to “Addams Family Values” comes when Wednesday’s Arrow takes a bow. In Barry Sonnenfeld’s film, Pugsley and Wednesday show off their archery skills. Pugsley shoots an American bald eagle while reading a letter from Uncle Fester on Wednesday.


Scruton says the gargoyles in the quad are a big clue to the series. “The gargoyles refer to various characters, and there’s a big plot point hidden in there.”

Introduction to Pugsley

When audiences first meet Wednesday’s brother Pugsley in the film, he has an apple in his mouth and is tied up when she throws an arrow at him.

In the first episode, Wednesday opens her locker to find Pugsley (Isaac Ordonez) with an apple in his mouth. This sets off a chain of events that sends Wednesday to Nevermore Academy.

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