‘Dahmer: Monster’ debuts in Nielsen’s tenth biggest streaming week

By | October 21, 2022

“Monster,” starring Evan Peters as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, topped Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings with 3.7 billion minutes watched from Sept. 19 to Sept. 25, Ryan Murphy’s limited series. Not only was it the No. 1 program in the viewing window, but it was also the tenth most-streamed program in a single week, according to Nielsen.

The series took that chart spot on Netflix in just the four-day run that opened on September 21st, halfway through its viewing window. The success is big, but not surprising — Nielsen released its streaming ratings four weeks late, while Netflix’s self-reported numbers indicated that “Monster” was the company’s No. 9-watched English-language TV series of its time. It’s first full week of delivery, jumping to the No. 2 spot ever in its second week.

Netflix titles have 10 of Nielsen’s biggest streaming weeks. The only weeks that “Monster” beat the premiere were “Tiger King” in 2020, “Ozark” Season 3 in 2020, “Ozark” Season 4 in 2022 and “Stranger Things” Season 4 in 2022. (Note) : Nielsen combined all seasons of the show by metric; (So, while these streaming weeks are due to major releases, they also include viewers of older seasons.) Check out the chart detailing each of the top 10 streaming weeks.

Considering the series clocked 196.2 million hours in Netflix’s Top 10 and then added 299.8 million hours in its first full week, it’s safe to assume that “Monster” will surpass itself next week and take another spot on Nielsen’s all-time list. Presence. Netflix and Nielsen’s metrics aren’t completely comparable because the former measures viewing across all states and across all devices, while the latter measures only US viewing on TV screens. Still, it’s unlikely those differences will prevent Nielsen’s “Monster” audience from continuing to grow.

Even after “Monster” surpassed the top spot on the weekly chart, there’s one series it just couldn’t capture: the Disney+ series “Andor,” the latest entry in the “Star Wars” franchise. While it premiered on September 21 in three two-hour episodes, the series’ 624 million minutes watched was not enough to make the top 10 overall, which includes titles available for streaming services after airing elsewhere. However, “Andor” managed to become the sixth most-watched streaming original.

Following “Monster” on the chart was Cobra Kai, who managed to pass the billion mark for the second week in a row. Netflix’s “Karate Kid” spinoff was watched for 1.1 billion minutes from Sept. 19-25, its second full week available.

“The House of the Dragon” and “Rings of Power” faced off for the fourth time, and this week was the first time that the “House of the Dragon” came out on top. “Game of Thrones” premiered in third place with 1 billion minutes, followed by “Lord of the Rings” at No. 4 with 977 million minutes.

These are not perfect comparisons, as the two premiere on different schedules and premiere in different formats. Because the show is only available on Amazon Prime Video, Nielsen can measure all U.S. viewing of “Dragon House” in its streaming rankings, an estimated one-third of “Dragon House” viewers are not counted on the chart. HBO cable channels. Conversely, “Dragon House” shows start early on Sunday, meaning they’re available for Nielsen’s entire viewing window and get the bonus of new episodes shown at the end of the window, and the Friday-airing schedule of “Rings of Power” means new episodes are only available for the second half of the window.

So, with the help of Sunday drops, this is the first time that the “Dragon House” audience beat the “Rings of Power” stream exclusive and audience. Episode 5 of “Dragon House” premiered before this viewing window began, and Episode 6 — including the show’s much-anticipated time jump — became streamable just hours before Nielsen stopped counting.

At No. 5 on the chart was “Into the Dark,” the CW crime drama that aired its fourth and final season before arriving on Netflix on Sept. 13, with 918 viewers in its first full week of availability. million minutes, up from 825 million minutes when it debuted on the chart a week ago.

Thanks to its regular comeback, children’s program “Cocomeloon,” which often tops the charts for new content, ranked sixth with 817 million minutes watched.

The Mark Wahlberg-directed Stuart Long biopic “Father Stu” took No. 7 after its Sept. 16 premiere, five months after its premiere on Netflix, with 717 million minutes watched. The Netflix original action movie “Lou,” starring Allison Janney in the title role, followed at No. 8 with 681 million minutes watched.

“Fate: The Winx Saga” was watched for 685 million minutes during the first full week of Season 2 on Netflix, ranking ninth.

And No. 10 as “El Rey, Vincent Fernández, a Netflix original series from Colombia, with 648 million minutes watched — making it a rare English-language entry in the streaming ranks.

After Nielsen’s top 10 streaming week chart, check out Nielsen’s new top 10 streaming rankings below, with total streaming titles for September 19-25 first, first streaming titles, then recorded titles and then movies.

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