Cuban Fireside Mark to launch on smart TVs via Stremium purchase

By | November 26, 2022

Mark Cuban and Fallon Fatemi’s streamer Fireside has acquired streaming platform Stremium. The acquisition will soon enable the Fireside app to launch across smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other connected TV devices.

“This will dramatically increase access to IP owners, creators and brands that will help Fireside quickly build its studios, networks and future streaming services,” said Fatemi, Fireside’s business partner in Cuba. Received letter to investors Difference.

“This allows us to deliver our industry-first first and second screen experience where viewers can engage and interact in real-time while watching on their TVs using their phones,” added Fatemi.

Co-founded by Fatemi and Cuban, Fireside is an interactive Web3 platform that uses multiple monetization methods, including a membership model to reward “super fans” of the platform’s creators, including Jay Leno, Melissa Rivers, Craig Kilbourne, and “Even Gamer.” Connect with the talent when you “Network” or “Show” live at Fireside.

Previously, Fireside was only available for download through its website and in the App Store.

Watch Fatemi’s full note to Fireside investors below.

An exciting shopping update as we pioneer a new era of streaming and media

The world’s first interactive streaming platform just got bigger! Fireside is coming to a TV near you!

We are pleased to share that we have made a strategic acquisition that will accelerate the strengthening of our market position as a future streamer.

Fireside has acquired a leading cloud-enabled streaming platform, Stremium, and as a result Fireside will soon be available on smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV, Roku and others. This will immediately and dramatically increase the reach of IP owners, creators and brands who use Fireside to build future studios, networks and streaming services, providing greater reach to existing and new audiences.

What’s more, this allows us to deliver our industry’s first second-screen experience for viewers to engage and interact with their phones while watching on their televisions. Imagine watching a live cooking show on your TV and phone at the same time where you can meet and talk live with your favorite chef and even show them cooking from the palm of your hand!

Finally, Stremium’s infrastructure enables Fireside creators to seamlessly upload, publish, edit and distribute content, as well as support live content across mobile and TV platforms. With this exciting acquisition, we continue to redefine the boundaries of streaming and deliver the next generation of media and entertainment.

We have more industry first announcements so stay tuned…

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