Christine Hall will return to CBS Studios as Executive Vice President of Communications

By | October 21, 2022

Kristen Hall is returning to CBS Studios after leaving Amazon as executive vice president of communications.

Hall previously spent 14 years at CBS Studios before leaving to join Amazon in 2018. She will return to the role previously held by Laurie Metros, who left CBS Studios in June 2022. In her new role, Hall will report to Chris Ender, executive director. Vice President of Communications for CBS. She will work closely with CBS Studios President David Stapf. She directs all advertising and communications strategies for the studio.

“Having Christine back home to lead our communications operation is a four-year dream come true,” Stepp said. “The experience she gained over those years will enhance her ability to lead our world-class advertising team. Christine’s rare combination of creativity, passion and intelligence makes her a favorite among the press and creative community. Everyone from producers, executives and talent is excited to have her back at CBS Studios.”

In her first job at CBS Studios, Hall rose to the role of Vice President of Communications. She has done shows like the “NCIS” franchise, the “Star Trek reboot” and many more.

“Kristen elevates every business and touches her campaign with creativity, positivity, thoughtfulness and great ideas,” added Ender. “She has an incredible passion for the business and the artistic process, a clear vision of how to work with the public and the media to help drive success. The day Christine returned to CBS earlier this month, there were lots and lots of happy faces in the halls.”

During her time at Amazon, Hall was an advertiser for an original series. In that role, she led a series of communications for the stream, including work on the Emmy-winning competition series “Lizzo’s Watch Out for Big Girls.”

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