Brian Lourdes to keynote various businessmen’s breakfast

By | December 4, 2022

CAA Managing Director and Co-Chair Brian Lord will deliver the keynote address at DifferenceAn annual dealmakers event celebrating the industry’s top performers and the biggest M&A transactions of the year.

Lourdes sits with Claudia Eller; DifferenceThe chief production officer held an in-depth interview on Dec. 13 at the Palm in Beverly Hills about the agency’s longtime rival ICM Partners, as well as his outlook for the industry in 2023. CAA took ownership of ICM Partners in a $750 million deal that closed in late June.

“Brian Lourd’s name has always been synonymous with ‘rainmaker,’ and this year he helped lead CAA’s acquisition of ICM Partners — a dynamic transaction that changed the agency’s landscape,” said Eller. “In addition to being one of the most influential agents and businessmen in Hollywood, Brian is an industry leader and trusted figure. Counselor For many in the business who seek his advice.

Lord’s keynote address will be center stage. DifferenceAnnual Deal Makers Breakfast, an invitation-only event set for December 13 at The West Hollywood Edition. Breakfast is compatible with difference’Publication of the annual Deal Makers issue, which provides an overview of the year’s biggest and most significant deals as well as analysis of Hollywood’s macro-economic picture.

Lourdes spent most of his career at CAA. He joined the agency in 1988 after five years at the William Morris Agency. In the year In 1995, after CAA co-founders Michael Ovitz and Ron Mayer left for top studio posts at Disney and Universal, Lourd and several partners took over as CAA owners.

Lord serves on the boards of the Barry Diller IAC, the Kennedy Center, the Sean Penn Core, and he is a trustee of the American Film Institute.

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