Bloomberg’s Emily Chang breaks down a new technology classification.

By | November 5, 2022

Emily Chang may do for technology what Anthony Bourdain did for food.

The longtime Bloomberg TV reporter is leaving her role as anchor of Bloomberg’s daytime show, “Bloomberg Technology,” after 12 years to focus on programming that explores the intersection of technology, business and culture.

The show, titled “Studio 1.0,” features Chang’s in-depth interviews, and the anchor runs a weekly program to explore technology-related issues and meet CEOs, entrepreneurs and influencers. She might explore topics like the hype around cryptocurrencies, for example, or the impact of Tik Tok on popular culture.

Chang also produces new limited series that dig deeper into specific topics.

Regular coverage from Bloomberg. She still conducts interviews with major newsmakers and contributes to top stories across all Bloomberg platforms.

Chang joined Bloomberg in 2010 after working as an international correspondent for CNN in Beijing. She reported for CNN in London, reporting international news for CNN’s “American Morning” program. Before joining CNN in 2007, Chang served as a reporter at KNSD, the NBC affiliate in San Diego, California. There, she anchored reports for MSNBC and won five regional Emmy Awards. She began her career as a news anchor at NBC in New York.

Chang has interviewed some of the most powerful tech executives in the industry, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos. She also wrote “Brotopia: Breaking Down the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley.”,” Published in February 2018.

Ed Ludlow will host “Bloomberg Technology” in San Francisco and Caroline Hyde in New York, beginning November 11.

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