Al Strobel Dies: ‘Twin Peaks’ One-Armed Man Was 83

By | December 5, 2022

Actor Al Strobel, best known for his role as gunman Phillip Gerard on “Twin Peaks,” died Friday in Eugene, Ore. He was 83 years old.

“Twin Peaks” producer and frequent David Lynch collaborator Sabrina Sutherland released a statement on behalf of the family: “It is with a dark future and much sadness that we say goodbye to Alstrobel.” He is irreplaceable and will always be an important part of our Twin Peaks family.

Strobel, who lost his left arm in a car accident at age 17, was a mainstay in the 1989 series pilot “Twin Peaks.” Playing Gerard, a man who raises one arm to ward off evil, Strobel appeared in the first two episodes of “Twin Peaks”‘s 10 episodes as he no longer possessed his body. He delivered one of the show’s most memorable moments, delivering a poignant verse with the words “fire walk with me.”

That would be the subtitle of the 1992 prequel to the series. Strobel revealed his role in the character. After retiring from acting following the turn of the century, Strobel returned to the screen for the Showtime revival of the series Twin Peaks: The Return.

Beyond “Twin Peaks,” Strobel has worked in a handful of other projects, such as 2001’s “Ricoot River” and the 1991 television movie “Child of Darkness, Child of Light.”

“Oh no… dear Al… what a warm and wonderful person he was to those of you who were lucky enough to meet him over the years,” wrote “Twin Peaks” co-creator Mark Frost.

“Sad, sad news,” wrote series actor Dana Ashbrook, who portrayed bad-boy-turned-cop Bobby Briggs in “Twin Peaks” reruns. “He was the sweetest of all people. A fantastic storyteller… and to watch one hand roll a cigar, pure magic.

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