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How you eat affects every aspect of your life, so it’s important to make the right food choices every day—and eat it, not it! is here to help.

Inspired by The New York Times best-selling book series, Eat This, Not that! is a brand made up of an award-winning team of journalists and board-certified experts, doctors, nutritionists, chefs, personal trainers, and nutritionists who work together to provide you with accurate, timely, informative and actionable content on food, nutrition, dieting, weight loss, health, wellness, and more.

As a leading health and wellness brand – with our food and restaurant news coverage, healthy eating guides, and proven “no diet” weight loss strategies-eat it, not it! now the world’s # 1 nutrition site and one of the top five food outlets in the US.


We want to empower you to choose healthier food every day with expert and research-backed tips, shopping lists, and nutrition guides. Our content can help you when shopping at the grocery store, dining, eating on the go, cooking at home, and more so you can be healthy, fit, and feel your best.



EatThis.com currently reaches more than 110 million users per year. According to ComScore, the site has a larger audience—and faster traffic growth rate—than many of its leading health and wellness competitors. To date, we have published over 12,000 articles filled with the latest news and life-changing advice.


Eat This, Not That! the books have sold 8 million copies, with the latest, eat this, not that! When you wait, writes Dave Zinczenko and Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Other titles in the series include cook it, not that!, Drink This, Not That! and grill it, not that! as well as 7-day cleansing of the flat stomach tea.


Eat This, Not That! The founder of the Podcast continues mission Dave Zinczenko devoted himself more than ten years ago: making sure that a healthier and happier life was an easier pursuit for everyone. Our experts teach you how to eat what you want, when you want—and watch the pounds go away. * Currently on hiatus*


Our editorial staff are industry veterans with extensive news, publishing, nutrition and lifestyle reporting resumes. We are committed to uphold the highest ethics and standards of journalism and operate independently of our advertisers and/or external influences.

Our team is committed to research, knowledge, data, and authority, and we reflect this in our content by implementing strict editorial guidelines to make sure that what you read on our site is accurate, timely, and medically sound. We conduct our initial review and only source internationally recognized news outlets, academic journals, research institutions, and peer-reviewed research into our stories.

To ensure the integrity of our published content, our Board of medical experts regularly reviews and promotes our new and existing content.

Our ethics and fact-checking policy

When you are ready to make a life-changing decision about diet and/or health, you should expect to be guided by accurate and reliable information. That’s why our content is vetted by a team of veteran journalists and medically reviewed by an expert council.

When conducting research on articles, our editorial team and donor network only refer to primary sources (i.e. academic research, peer-reviewed research, or interviews with licensed medical professionals, including members of our industry-leading medical expert council). Links to these sources are included in our articles and clearly indicated so that readers can easily verify their reliability.

We have created a board of certified and world renowned doctors, registered dieticians, certified dieticians and personal trainers, and culinary and wellness experts medical experts. These trusted partners work closely with our editorial team to ensure that the content published on Eat This is not that! is medically accurate and rooted in the latest science. Their expert stamp of approval is not added to the line of the article until a thorough review is completed.

Our Corrections Policy

We empower you to confidently make the right food and health choices by checking the actual accuracy of articles published on our website. To provide the most reputable and up-to-date information (no fake news here!), we strictly mention the primary sources, which are clearly indicated and related in our articles on the site. In news Development cases, we contact companies, brands and/or press contacts directly to comment and mark it in our coverage.

We are committed to uphold the highest ethics and standards in journalism and strive to provide you with only the most up-to-date information. In the event that an article is published with erroneous information, we immediately introduce a correction, adding a clear and transparent statement to the article, recognizing what was updated. We regularly check our email inboxes for recommended improvements from experts and readers.

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Eat This, Not That! is part of Galvanized Media, recognized as a leader in health and wellness, providing consumers with engaging content that will positively impact their lives. The company is led by one of the best voices in the field of Health and wellness: David Zincenko.

With a global audience of over 225 million readers, galvanized Media is one of the fastest growing publishers in digital media with a brand portfolio that includes Eat This, Not that!, Best life, Celebwell, ETNT! Health and travel. These brands provide life-changing content that attracts, inspires, and informs readers across multiple platforms.

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