AACTA Craft Awards: ‘Secret Way: Origins’ and ‘Elvis’ dominate.

By | December 6, 2022

“Secret Pass: Origins” dominated the television category at the Australian Cinema Television Arts (AACTA) Industry Awards on Monday. Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” dominates the film category at the Australian Craft Awards.

The main AACTA awards, which focus on performance and talent, will be presented on Wednesday.

“Secret Street: Origins” won four awards in television, including best cinematography, best editing, best direction for television and best sound for television. The Coffee-ABC product was nominated for an additional six awards in the performance category.

Internationally successful children’s program “Old” has won the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Program for the fourth year in a row.

Bassmark-produced musical biopic “Elvis” won seven AACTA craft awards, including best costume design and best production design, both of which went to Catherine Martin, while Mandy Walker became the first woman to take home the best cinematography award for a feature film in Australia. . Elvis is up for five more awards at the AACATA Awards on Wednesday.

Thomas M. Wright took home the AACTA Award for Best Screenplay for “The Stranger.” “A Stitch In Time” won the AACTA Award for Best Indie Film.

“River” won a three-time AACTA Award-winning documentary, “Mountain” won an AACTA Award for Best Documentary. “Facing Monsters” won two AACTA Awards for Best Sound and Best Cinematography in a Documentary. “Once We Were Kids” took home the award for Best Editing in a Documentary.

Comedian Ronnie Ching took home the first-ever AACTA Award for Best Stand-Up Special for “Speakeasy,” while science commentator and radio personality Dr. Carl Kruselnicki won an AACTA Award for his short digital video for “Daddy Long Legs.”

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